Our Rewards program has no borders, no boundaries, no limits and billions of potential customers. It is open for business around the clock in all countries and territories.

Join Rewards Program :

You join the Rewards program at signup and start earning rewards immediately, at the same time, we also issue you with a referral URL, which you may ethically promote (no spam) in order to refer others to the system.

Earn Rewards:

You earn Rewards by sharing in the profit that you and those you referred generate, endlessly deep and wide. Rewards are earned on profit sharing events: an inbound or outbound call or a device purchase. The Rewards formula is instantly calculated on a profit sharing event and immediately visible in your account.


Say Joe made a call and the profit was 50c, the company keeps 60%, the remaining 40% or 20c is shared with Joe who'd earn 2c or 10% of the profit, Pete referred Joe, so Pete will earn (20c-2c)*10% = 1.8c. Mary referred Pete so she'll earn (20c-2c-1.8c)*10% = 1.62c. No one referred Mary but there's still 14.58c remaining so we'll start again with Joe (14.58c*10%)=1.458c, Pete(14.58-1.458c)*10% = 1.3122c, Mary(14.58-1.458-1.3122)*10%=1.18098, restarting until the profit is less than 0.000999c which will go to Mary.

Spend Rewards:

Your Rewards accumulate. Once you have more than the required minimum you may use them to purchase items or Airtime. You can also turn your Rewards into real cash.

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